Gain strength in poetry

I am an owl that sings at night,

So reckless and loud.

I am a blizzard swirling on a winter night,

And I feel so cold.

Cover me with a warm blanket,

Let the blizzard go away soon.

Surround me with your caress

And there will be peace in my heart.

( Madara Priedola, 16 years old)

(The poem was written on 2 February 2014, at Kuldīga Hospital, during immunoglobulin administration. Recorded by Mum)

Birds that migrate in autumn

Not all of them will return the next year

As with God-given time

For us people here on earth

Fuller for some, more unfulfilled for others

The path of life, but some will leave

An example-true life values

To be able to see them, to cherish them

And keep them as a blessing in our steps

Are we able to tell our life story

Without having experienced the sun with rain and love now

But tomorrow not anymore

Are we able to forgive the past and

Truly be reborn to face tomorrow

Some might say both yes and no

But shouldn’t we close our eyes when alone,

Keep silent for a moment and truly feel ourselves in this world

The scent of love

My morning starts with your scent,

Sunrise through your smile, wake up!

Rise with your strength,

Showing the powerful spirit you have.

A bee sting in the middle of summer,

Hurts annoyingly and incomparably when you know,

Every day, the hospital doors are open,

And it is more harsh, but it is better like this.

Your strength of a child roams through the childhood,

In countless directions, sifting joy from heart to heart.

Just like another masterpiece of an artist-

It is all in you!

You don’t even ask why,

But I can read your eyes like a book.

Your spirit is stronger than words,

Where a word continues the meaning of another word.

And the story to be written in the spirit book,

About you-

With love!

Have you ever counted steps

Steps in joy and steps in tears

Stumbling steps and rising again steps

In seconds, moments and yesterday

Have you ever counted days

The light and the dark ones

The short and the long, including the valuable and the wasteful

But maybe it is better not to

Maybe just count the words

That can fill you up and

Warm your steps every day